AI and robot testing and certification webinar

SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, is delighted to host ‘An expert guide to AI and robot testing and certification,’ a webinar that will be held on February 27.

The brave new world of AI and robotics provides both challenges and opportunities, as these technologies increasingly make their way into our homes and offices. However, the issue of trust in these rapidly-changing systems and products needs to be constantly addressed to reassure consumers and stakeholders. The reputation of the industry as a whole rests on responsible development – so how are testing and certification keeping pace globally?

In this complimentary webinar, there will be an expert overview of the application of AI and robots followed by an exploration of the standards which regulate them, both nationally and internationally. As a key industry player in the formulation and certification of these standards, SGS can offer testing solutions built on rigorous research and evaluation, and this webinar will illustrate their practical application through case studies.

Whether you’re manufacturing cleaning robots which can detect and identify obstacles, or selling smart washing machines that can choose a program based on fabric recognition, this webinar will deepen your knowledge and understanding. It will also be of interest to brands, standardization managers, researchers and developers in the AI and robotics industry.

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