Approved ISO/IEC 17020 PCA services for Morocco

SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, is pleased to announce its approval for product conformity assessment (PCA) services by SEMAC, Morocco’s national accreditation body. SGS Maroc S.A. (SGS) is the first Moroccan organization to provide PCA services for industrial imports under the market surveillance program of the Moroccan Ministry of Industry and Trade.

ISO/IEC 17020 covers general, structural, resource, process and management requirements for business trading in Morocco. Partnering with SGS ensures understanding of complex regulations which enables compliance and successful trade.

In addition, SGS expertise can unlock the complexities of the universal Harmonized Systems (HS) – the key to smooth import procedures. With HS codes integrated into Moroccan customs practices, knowledge of the exact structure and meaning of HS codes, specific to the country, is also vital in order to avoid non-compliance issues.

With its highly experienced local team, SGS has been helping multiple businesses meet these regulations, and can also provide a customizable range of PCA assessment services.

To access the full article on SEMAC-accredited ISO/IEC 17020 and HS code guidance for Moroccan pre-export verification (PVoC) services, please read our Q4 PCA newsletter.

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