Brazil Proposes Changes to Metal Cookware Regulations & Requirements

has published a comprehensive overview of Brazil’s proposed changes to its
rules and regulations covering metal cookware.

Ministry of Economy/National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology
(INMETRO) released details of its proposed changes in April 2021. If accepted
these will impact:

  • INMETRO Ordinance 398/2012 ‘Technical Regulation’
  • INMETRO Ordinance 419/2012 ‘Conformity Assessment Requirements’

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proposed changes include several important provisions that will, if accepted,
affect stakeholders, including:

  • Clarifications on scope (only for those intended
    to be used in ovens and on stoves):

    • No more than 75 cm base or diagonal diameter,
      used in ovens (roasting pans, trays, etc.)
    • No more than 17 l volumetric capacity, used on
      stoves (casseroles, steam cookers, etc.)
    • No more than 40 cm base or diagonal diameter,
      used on stoves (frying pans, grill pans, etc.)
    • No more than 2 l volumetric capacity, used on
      stoves (coffee makers, kettles, etc.)
    • No more than 30 l volumetric capacity (pressure
  • Exemptions:
    • Larger capacity pans for use in commercial
      settings, campgrounds, etc. (must be properly identified on labelling and
    • Rechargeable electrical items
    • Silicone cookware
    • Disposable cookware
  • Amendments to testing requirements for physical
    and mechanical properties
  • Clarification of cookware types by family
  • Replaces ‘ABNT NBR 6589, classes FC100, FC150
    and FC200’ with ‘DIN EN 1561, classes GJL-100, GJL-150 or GJL-200’ for cast iron pressure cooker bodies and
    other cookware bodies

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The proposed changes also include an updated list
of supplementary documents that are included in IINMETRO Ordinance 398/2021. To
see this list, view SGS’s original SafeGuard 070/21.

INMETRO has held a public consultation on the
proposed changes that ends on June 10, 2021.

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