Canadian Competition Bureau Proposes Updates to Textile Labeling and Advertising Regulations

Canada’s Competition Bureau is proposing changes to the Textile Labeling
and Advertising Regulations (TLAR) that would simplify the labelling of
upholstered and stuffed articles.

The Textile Labelling Act (TLA) and TLAR specify the mandatory labelling
requirements for all consumer textile products offered onto the market in
Canada. The aim is to allow consumers to make better decisions, while
protecting them from misleading representations. The disclosure label should
bear the fiber content information expressed in percentages by mass, along with
information to identify the dealer.

The proposed changes to the TLAR, which states that products with a
filling or stuffing must be labelled, are intended to provide businesses with
greater clarity.

Proposed changes include:

  1. Exemption
    for textile articles labelled under provincial regulations – section
    10 of the TLAR would be simplified to exempt only fiber-related label
    representations that are required by provincial law
  2. Labelling
    of textiles “used for warmth” and “textiles not used for
    warmth” –requirements under section 37 (upholstered and stuffed
    articles used for warmth) and subsection 38(1) (upholstered and stuffed
    articles not used for warmth) would be harmonized and combined into one
  3. Labelling
    exemption for certain filled and stuffed textile articles – subsection
    38(2) would be repealed. This currently exempts dealers from providing
    information on a label regarding the fiber composition of filling or
    stuffing used in upholstered furniture, mattresses, box springs, cushions,
    chair pads, potholders, oven mitts, place mats, and mattress protectors
    (subsection 38(2) articles). This proposal will require dealers to provide
    information on a label regarding the filling or stuffing for all
    subsection 38(2) articles
  4. Filled and
    stuffed textile articles produced prior to January 1, 2021 – a new
    section will be added to the TLAR, allowing dealers to rely on the
    subsection 38(2) exemption for articles produced before January 1, 2021.
    Dealers of subsection 38(2) articles made after this date would be
    required to disclose the fiber composition of the filling or stuffing used
    in the article
  5. Textile articles
    subject to the TLA and TLAR – proposal to amend Schedule I (3) of the
    TLAR to prescribe all textile components of subsection 38(2) articles
  6. Consumer textile
    articles containing filling or stuffing – proposal would amend the
    current wording of Schedule II (5) of the TLAR to clarify that the section
    is limited to consumer textile articles where the only textile fiber(s)
    present are filling or stuffing (e.g. a bag of stuffing at a craft store)
  7. Non-permanent
    labels – proposal would amend Schedule II (3) to allow dealers to use
    non-permanent labels to disclose all textile components of subsection
    38(2) articles

The Competition Bureau is currently seeking comments relating to costs
and benefits to better understand the possible impact of its proposals. It
remains committed to ensuring businesses and consumers benefit from a thriving
and competitive marketplace.

Comments are accepted until October 29, 2020.

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