Changes to China’s Fire Protection Design and Acceptance Rules for Construction Projects

China publishes interim provisions
covering the administration of fire protection design review and acceptance on
construction projects.

Published on April 4, 2020, by the
Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of
China (MOHURD), the Interim Provisions on the Administration of Fire Protection
Design Review and Acceptance of Construction Projects (Order No. 51 of the
MOHURD) will come into force on June 1, 2020.

Primarily, the provisions relate to the
transference of functions between the relevant departments in the Ministry of
Public Security and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. In
addition, it also clarifies some responsibilities.

Stakeholders should be aware of the
following changes between the previous regulations – Regulations on Fire
Control Supervision and Management of Construction Projects (Order No. 106 of
the Ministry of Public Security) – and the new. These are:

  • No change in scope – places previously requiring fire protection design review and acceptance inspection will continue to require them
  • Clarification on professional ability requirements for personnel engaged in the examination and acceptance of the fire protection design – see article 7 of the Interim Provisions
  • Specific standards defined – for design examination standards:
    1. Application materials must be complete and in accordance with the legal form
    2. Design unit has the corresponding qualification
    3. Fire protection design documents meet the national engineering construction fire protection technical standards (refer to article 23 of the interim provisions)
  • For the acceptance standards for fire protection:
    1. Application materials must be complete and conform to the legal form
    2. Contents of the Building Acceptance Certificate must be completed
    3. Construction project completion drawings relating to fire protection are consistent with the reviewed fire protection design documents
    4. Site assessment conclusion is qualified (refer to article 30 of the Interim Provisions)
    5. Clarifies the contents of the construction unit’s inspection obligation upon completion and on-site assessment of fire control acceptance – the construction unit should carry out relevant fire control inspections before applying for fire control acceptance.
  • The construction unit’s completion document should check:
    1. Project’s fire protection design is completed in line with the construction contract
    2. Technical archives in relation to fire protection on the project and construction management data (including the mobilization test report of building materials, building components and equipment involved in fire protection) in completed
    3. Each sub-project in the project’s fire protection must be passed by the construction unit – construction, design, engineering supervision, technical service, etc. must confirm that the firefighting quality of the project conforms to relevant standards
    4. Firefighting facilities performance, system function joint commissioning and joint test are certified (refer to article 27 of the
      Interim Provisions)

When the relevant ministry department performs
its on-site assessment, it mainly covers “on-site sampling inspection of the
appearance of fire prevention (extinguishing) facilities of buildings; on-site
sampling measurement of measurable indexes such as distance, height, width,
length, area and thickness through professional instruments and equipment;
sampling test, joint commissioning and test elimination of the functions of
fire protection facilities The system function of the prevention
facilities.” (refer to article 29 of the Interim Provisions)

Under the Interim Provisions, the relevant
department in the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is also
required to share relevant documents with fire protection and rescue
organizations. For construction projects that are subject to joint acceptance in
relation to planning, land, fire control, civil air defense, archives, etc., the
opinions on fire control acceptance will be unilaterally issued by the relevant
department. The competent department for fire control design review and
acceptance will also carry out spot checks.

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