China Issues New Mandatory Standard for Heat Protective Clothing

China’s new mandatory standard for clothing that provides protection
from heat – GB 38453-2019 – came into effect on July 1, 2020.

Issued by the Standardization Administration of China and included in
China’s No.17 announcement on newly approved standards in 2019, GB 38453-2019 applies
to protective clothing that is designed to reduce the potential for injury from:

  • Contact heat
  • Convective heat
  • Radiant heat generated by
    high temperature objects
  • Sources of heat in the

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It does not apply to protective clothing used in firefighting or when
working with molten metal or during welding.

Among the primary technical obligations in the standard are requirements
relating to fabric quality and protective performance.

Fabric quality consists
of appearance, physical and chemical performance for woven fabrics,
knitted fabrics and leather materials. Test items include:

  • Woven fabrics – formaldehyde, pH value, dimensional change after
    laundering, decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amines, color fastness to
    perspiration, color fastness to dry rubbing, color fastness to artificial
    light, breaking strength, tear strength
  • Knitted fabrics – formaldehyde, pH value, dimensional change after
    washing, decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amines, color fastness to
    perspiration, color fastness to dry rubbing, color fastness to artificial
    light, bursting strength
  • Leather materials – formaldehyde, chromium (VI), pH value, decomposable
    carcinogenic aromatic amines, tensile strength, tear strength and fat content
    in the leather material

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Protective performance requirements

  • General requirement for thermal stability and flames retardant performance
  • Thermal insulation requirements for contact heat transmission, convective heat transmission, and radiant
    heat transmission
  • Ready to wear requirements for style and structure, size, specification,
    sewn, attachment, and dimensional change

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are advised to check that their clothing products designed to protect the
wearer from injury caused by heat conform to the latest Chinese standard.

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