China Updates Standard for Man-made Fiber Generic Names

China has updated its national standard
covering the generic names for man-made fibers –
GB/T 4146.1-2020 Textiles-Man-made fibers – Part 1: Generic names.

Issued as part of China’s No. 22 announcement
on newly approved national standards in 2020, the new standard will come into
effect on May 1, 2021. It covers all man-made fibers, defined as those obtained
by a manufacturing process and not being natural.

The new standard includes several revisions to
the previous iteration – GB/T 4146.1-2009.

Additions include:

  • Term and definitions for man-made fibers
  • Generic names, codes, distinguishing
    attributes and chemical formulae for 11 kinds of man-made fiber, including
    modacrylic, chitosan, melamine, protein, trivinyl, polybenzimiazol,
    elastomultiester, polyamidoester, silicon carbide, polyhydroxy, polyarylate
  • Bicomponent fiber names

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Revisions to the standard include:

  • Division of vinylal into two categories:
    1. Acetalization
    2. Non-acetalization
  • Table 2 and Table 3 (2009 edition) become Appendix
    D and Appendix E

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The use of a generic name is limited to those
fibers that contain no more than 15% (by mass) of property-enhancing additives
prior to spinning (no limit is placed upon the proportion of additives that are
not property-enhanced). A generic name may also apply to a man-made fiber which
results from a manufacturing process that can confer a distinguishing

To learn more about the changes introduced by GB/T
4146.1-2020, read our original
SafeGuard 023/21.

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Updated National Standard GB/T 4146.1-2020 Textiles-Man-made fibres-Part
1:Generic names


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