Easy access to Kenyan markets through SGS eTrade draft Certificates of Conformity

SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, is pleased to provide details of simplified PVoC (pre-verification of conformity) services for Kenya.

Understanding and conforming to the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) quality and safety assessment specifications is key for businesses aiming for compliant market entry in the country. To ease the process, SGS’s eTrade digital platform provides a draft Certificate of Conformity (CoC) service, enabling the distribution of vital documentation to all parties  


With a 48-hour period of validity, the draft CoC allows for adjustments and corrections to be made in a timely manner. Upon approval and full payment, the full CoC can then be made available. An official guide to product categories and recognized assessment standards is available from the KEBS, which businesses can access to ease the assessment process.

There are three recognized routes of product certification, depending on categories of risk, all of which require inspection and test reports. With eTrade support, businesses can expedite product approval quickly and easily using prepared documentation.

The SGS Q3 PCA Newsletter provides details of this and other global trade facilitation news.

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