Food Contact Product Certification Mark Webinar from SGS

SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, is delighted to present a complimentary webinar, ‘Food Contact Product Certification Mark’ on January 10, 2023, with information and advice for manufacturers and retailers of food contact materials (FCMs).

This event will look at the benefits of testing and certification at a time when producer responsibility for food contact materials (FCMs) is increasingly being monitored and controlled by regulatory bodies.

Presenter Dr. Udo Krischke has over 20 years of experience in testing consumer goods and technical management. He explains how the SGS Food Product Certification Mark will add value and trust to businesses looking to place their products on competitive markets.

Udo will look at the scope of goods, which markets are covered by food contact product certification and the benefits of certification in terms of ensuring safety and quality and providing product differentiation in competitive markets. There will also be a Q&A opportunity at the end of the webinar.

The event will be of interest to food contact material and product manufacturers and retailers.

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