France Introduces New Packaging Signage Requirements

France has introduced reforms to the
logos it requires on packaging and products to simplify sorting and recycling.

Published on June 29, 2021, Decree
2021-835 details implementing requirements for Art. L541-9-3 of the
Environmental Code as amended by the anti-wastage and circular economy law
(AGEC Law).

Principal changes include:

  • ‘Green Dot’ (‘Le Point Vert’) – removed
  • ‘Triman’ and ‘Sorting Info’ (‘Info-Tri’)
    – harmonized

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Use of the new harmonized labels will
be compulsory and they should be affixed to each product submitted to Extended
Producer Responsibility (REP), including household packaging and graphic
papers. Sorting information must be attached to the Triman logo, which can be
printed directly on, or affixed with a sticker, to the packaging.

Special cases:

  • Glass beverage packaging – exempted
  • Small products (when largest surface of the product or packaging is less
    than 10cm2 and other documents are not supplied) – marking can be
    made available by other means (online, point-of-sale display, etc.)
  • Small/medium products (when the largest surface of the product or
    packaging is between 10 cm2 and 20 cm2) – Triman
    logo must be displayed but the sorting instructions can be made available by
    other means (see above)

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Stakeholders should be aware the new
obligations enter into force on January 1, 2022, but there is a one-year
transition period after its implementation. Businesses will also have an
additional six-month grace period to allow the clearance of any products that
had been imported or manufactured before the law’s implementation.

Stakeholders should remain alert to
the regulatory calendar for these new marking rules. Before they are

  • Sorting-Info is subject to public consultation
  • Sorting-Info the submitted to validation by public authorities
  • 12-month period of grace following validation before they enter into
    force, during which graphic and information elements are finalized

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To see the new signage, click here.

SGS’s Commitment to the Circular Economy

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Commitment to the Circular Economy.


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