France Specifies Requirements for Face Masks with Windows

On July 22, 2020, the
French Government updated its Cross Ministries Note relating to ‘community
masks’ to include specific requirements for face masks with a clear window.

According to the update, masks with a clear window must conform to the
following criteria:

  • Impermeable
    material must not exceed 50% of the mask surface
  • Impermeable
    material must not exceed 50% of an 8cm diameter circle. The center of the
    circle is the midpoint between the nose and mouth of the wearer
  • Permeable
    material must make up at least 50% of the mask surface and must have an air
    permeability greater than or equal to 300 L/m2/s
  • Interface
    between the permeable material and the impermeable material must not leak
  • Impermeable
    material should not be pierced, to avoid leaks
  • Filtration
    efficiency at 3µm for the permeable material shall be the same as for other
    ‘general public’ masks defined in previous versions of the Cross Ministries
    Note (Annex I): 90% for Cat 1 and 70% for Cat. 2 according to DGA test method
  • To avoid
    leakage along the edges of the mask, it must allow a fit on the face that
    includes the nose and chin and the adjustment at the mouth must not create a
    retention zone that can accumulate carbon dioxide
  • Washable window
    masks must be able to be cleaned as other kinds of washable masks except for
    ironing (Annex I)

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‘Community masks’ are face masks used by the general public in daily
life. They do not meet the standards necessary for medical use.

The latest update ensures face masks with a clear window maintain the
required standards for breathability and filtration.

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant many of us are now wearing face masks
regularly in our daily lives. One issue associated with this is that people
cannot see the mouth and lips of the speaker. This can create problems for lip

It also hides facial expressions, which can be a major problem for both
adults and children, who often need the reassurance of seeing a smile.

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