France Updates Requirements for Mezzanine Beds

An application notice relating to the
updated standards for mezzanine beds has been published in the Journal
Officiel de la République Française (JORF). It relates to Decree No 95-949,
which seeks to reduce risks associated with the use of bunk beds in domestic or
contract environments.

The application notice relates to mezzanine beds. These are defined
as fixed-based, with the bed platform more than 600 mm from the ground, and
with a base width greater than 120 cm and base length longer than 150 cm.

The two updated standards are:

  • NF D 62 100-1:2019 Fixed base mezzanine beds – Part 1 : safety requirements
  • NF D 62 100-2:2019 Fixed base mezzanine beds – Part 2 : testing methods

The previous versions of these standards
were released in 2010. The new versions contain several changes that will
impact manufacturers and distributors, including:

  • Greater homogeneity with wording in EN 747
  • Minimum bed base height reduced to 600 mm from 800 mm
  • Clarification to “May Harm the User”
  • Finger entrapment requirement now based on CEN/TR 13387 and accessibility has been defined
  • Products fixed to the wall must now have stability and strength tests, performed in accordance with the proposed usage
  • New requirement relating to platform access
  • Most requirements aligned with EN 747

The standard reference for bunk beds and
high beds remains EN 747-1+A1:2015 and EN 747-2+A1:2015.

Stakeholders should remember that “Brush
Decree” No 2019-1007, published on September 30, 2019, will modify Decree No 95-949
in terms of administration.

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France, Application Notice n°95-959 for High Beds has Been Published in JORF

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