How Brexit Changed EU-UK Trade and Why TransitNet Enables the Smooth Transfer of Goods

SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, has published a Consumer Compact article that looks at how Brexit has impacted cross border trade between the UK and EU. It also considers solutions to enable the smooth transfer of goods between countries.

On January 1, 2022, trade between the EU and UK changed with the introduction of border controls and customs declarations. The end of free trade means greater complexity when moving goods. Customs transit allows exporters and importers to overcome some of the barriers to seamless trade that Brexit has created.

SGS’s article considers the problems associated with the removal of free trade rules, customs transit, and the benefits of a universal, multimodal e-customs guarantee solution – TransitNet.

Read the original Consumer Compact article, ‘Post-Brexit: Finding a Better Way to Engage in Cross-Border Trade’.

SGS TransitNet

SGS acts as Holder of the Procedure (HoP) to help exporters and importers simplify the transfer of goods between over forty countries, including the UK and EU. They create customs declarations and submit them alongside necessary financial guarantees. TransitNet is the one-stop solution for compliance with customs, border and security controls when trading goods between European countries. Learn more about SGS TransitNet.

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