New Brazilian Ordinance for Cribs

Brazil publishes a new Ordinance covering the approved
consolidated technical regulations and conformity assessment requirements for cribs.

INMETRO Ordinance No. 143 of March 22, 2021 covers cribs,
including those that are convertible, folding, rocking or swinging. It does not

  • Portable cribs
  • Cribs for hospital purposes
  • Rest chairs
  • Cribs designed to be placed adjacent to beds
  • Cardboard boxes for newborn babies (baby boxes)

Provisions in the Ordinance include:

  • Cribs must undergo
    mandatory conformity assessments and certification
  • Cribs must be
    registered with INMETRO after certification
  • Custom made cribs are
    obliged to comply with the Ordinance but are exempt from certification and

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The Ordinance also includes provisions relating to:

  • Market surveillance
  • Quality technical regulations
  • Conformity Assessment Requirements
  • Conformity Identification Seals

To learn more, read SGS’s original SafeGuard 049/21.

Complementary safety standards, contained in Annex II
‘Conformity Assessment Requirements’, include:

  • ABNT NBR NM 300-1:2011 Toy Safety – Part 1: General,
    mechanical and physical properties
  • ABNT NBR 5426:1985 Sampling plans and procedures for
    attribute inspection
  • ABNT NBR 15860-1:2016 Furniture – Children´s cots and
    folding cots for domestic use Part 1: Safety requirements
  • ABNT NBR 15860-2:2016 Furniture – Children´s cots and
    folding cots for domestic use Part 2: Test methods
  • ABNT NBR 16067-1:2012 Furniture – Cribs, rocking or
    pendulum cradles up to 900 mm for home use. Part 1: Safety requirements
  • ABNT NBR 16067-2:2012 Furniture – Cribs, rocking or
    pendulum cradles up to 900 mm for home use. Part 2: Test methods

Published by Brazil’s Ministry of Economy/National
Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Ministério da Economia/Instituto Nacional de Metrologia,
Qualidade e Tecnologia, INMETRO) in March 2021, the new Ordinance came into effect
on April 1, 2021. It repeals:

  • INMETRO Ordinance 53/106
  • INMETRO Ordinance 195/2020

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