New Test Method for Fiber Shedding Released by AATCC

American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) has launched a
new testing method – TM212-2021
– Fiber Fragment
Release During Home Laundering.

All textiles release
fiber fragments during the laundry process. This new testing method has been
developed to help the textile industry to understand and reduce fiber
fragmentation discharge into the environment. This is at a time when industry,
media, governments and consumers are all expressing concern over the amount of
textile fragments ending up in the environment.

TM212-2021 has been
developed to determine the mass of fiber fragments being released during
laundering. It is a small-scale test method using an accelerated laundering
test machine, during which specimens are assessed under specific conditions of
temperature, detergent (optional) and agitation. The wash liquor is then
filtered, and the resulting mass of fiber fragments measured.

SGS, the world’s
leading testing, inspection and certification, worked closely with AATCC in the
development of TM212-2021. SGS conducts test trails to the new standard using a
global network of state-of-the-art laboratories. In addition, SGS is also approved
by The Microfiber Consortium (TMC) to provide small scale TMC test services and
can evaluate fiber fragmentation on finished products using an in-house
developed methodology.

AATCC TM 212-2021 is
now available through the AATCC website and will be included in AATCC 2022
Manual of International Test Methods and Procedures, set to be released in
January 2022.

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AATCC Launches New Test Method to
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