New Voluntary Standard for Barbecue Grill Brushes Published in Canada

Canada’s CSA
Group has published a new voluntary national standard for barbecue grill

Published on December
19, 2019, the new standard, CSA Z630:19, has the aim of trying to minimize the possibility
of stakeholders accidentally ingesting loose metal bristles from barbecue
brushes. It covers handheld barbecue grill brushes, including those with
replaceable heads, that have metal bristles, and which are used to clean grill
cooking surfaces.

comprehensive standard covers construction, mechanical details, instructions
and marking requirements.

requirements include:

  • Wire bristle tuft attachment strength
  • Wire bristle durability – cycle and load force

The requirements for marking and instructions include:

  • Each brush shall have a permanent warning in both English and French that remains legible and clearly visible, with good contrast and unobstructed throughout the useful life of the brush
  • The warning shall be in accordance to ANSI Z21.89/CSA 1.18
  • The warning shall have a safety alert symbol (an equilateral triangle enclosing an exclamation point), signal word “WARNING” in bold and upper-case letters and the following statements or statements that convey the same meaning. It shall also include the company name and address or trademark

“Stop using if any bristles are found on the grill. Bristles can get into the food and cause serious injury. Replacement after one year’s use is recommended.”

  • The packaging or tags shall be attached to or accompany the brush at the time of sale with the following information in both English and French
  • o “Instructions for Safe Use” heading
  • o Company name and address or trademark
  • o Safety alert symbol and signal word
  • o The following statements, or equivalent:
    1. Examine the brush prior to each use for loose bristles
    2. Do NOT use if any loose or broken bristles are found. Discard brush immediately
    3. Ensure cooking surface and brush are free of any bristles prior to cooking
    4. Broken bristles can get into the food. Ingestion can cause serious internal injury
    5. Not for commercial use

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Publishes a New Standard for Barbecue Grill Brushes (CSA Z630:19) in Canada

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