SGS Explains How E-Valuator® Helps Governments Beat International Trade Fraud

the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, has
published an article looking at the issues surrounding international trade
fraud and the ways digitalization can help governments and customs authorities
beat the criminals.

trade was values at USD 19 trillion in 2019. For some governments, 30% of their
total revenue base comes from international trade. Long, complex supply chains
benefit consumers with more affordable products and greater choice, and
governments with tax revenue.

Consumer Compact article looks at the impact international trade fraud has on
governments and individuals and shows how digitalization is helping the
authorities to overcome illegal activities such as the under- or over-invoicing
of goods.

the original Consumer Compact article, ‘How Digitalization is
Helping Governments Beat Fraud in International Trade

SGS E-Valuator®

SGS’s automated solution pinpoints suspicious
consignment values in real-time by constantly analyzing shipments and checking
their declared values against a continuously updated database. It enables
customs officials to target their efforts more profitably by focusing only on
consignments with a high probability of fraud.

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are SGS – the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company. We
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