SGS explores cybersecurity for software-defined vehicles

SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, has published a Consumer Compact article which details essential security concerns for manufacturers of software-defined vehicles (SDVs).

An SDV relies on software for operability, constantly interacting with the surrounding environment, collecting and organizing data to enable safety and efficiency in vehicle systems. These high-performance computer systems are separate from the vehicle’s hardware, making it easier to update. However, it also makes the vehicle more vulnerable to cyberattacks as there are multiple entry points.

The Consumer Compact article focuses on design and computer chip security. With traditional testing methods no longer enough to ensure compliance with regulatory standards, SGS Brightsight offers comprehensive solutions, including integrated system certification, to provide full platform security assurance incorporating both hardware and software components.

Read the original Consumer Compact article, “Software-Defined Vehicles: Navigating the Challenges of Cybersecurity.”

SGS solutions
SGS Brightsight offers support for every stage of the SDV life cycle to the highest industry standards, including IATF/ISO. Complete vehicle and system testing is available to establish cybersecurity and provide protection for all other aspects of vehicle safety and performance. From pre-evaluation to post-evaluation, these testing and certification solutions ensure continued compliance.

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