SGS Helps Plumbing Product Manufacturers More Efficiently Access Markets

SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and
certification company, has published an article looking at why high-quality
plumbing products are important for consumers, manufacturers and the

One trillion gallons of water is lost in household
leaks every year in the US. Old and poor plumbing products are inefficient,
something that has become very clear to homeowners while they were locked down
in their houses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SGS’s Consumer Compact article looks at the importance
of good quality plumbing, the benefits of remodeling your bathroom, and why
manufacturers should properly test their products to ensure brand loyalty.

Read the original Consumer Compact article, ‘Bathroom Renovations: Saving Water with High Quality Plumbing Products

SGS Solutions

SGS offers a comprehensive range of testing solutions
to help manufacturers and suppliers of plumbing equipment meet regulatory
requirements and consumer expectations. After all, it’s only trusted because
it’s tested.

Learn more about SGS testing services for plumbing
products by watching the video ‘
SGS Testing Services for Plumbing’.

Learn more about SGS Flushability Testing services.

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