SGS Launches SGS Beyond – the consumer product supplier’s passport to efficient market access

SGS the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, is pleased to announce the global launch of SGS Beyond – the consumer product supplier’s passport to efficient market access.

Markets for consumer products are becoming ever more complex. Consumers expect more in terms of performance and sustainability, and mandatory regulations are becoming stricter concerning safety, labeling and the documentary evidence. At the same time, the global rise in ecommerce means authorities are responding with new legislation that ensures distance sellers conform to market regulations.

Suppliers of consumer products can no longer simply rely on testing and inspection services for compliance. To efficiently access target markets, they need a professional, holistic approach that encompasses a range of consultancy solutions, including technical and conformity document reviewing, labeling reviews and testing protocols for performance claims.

SGS Beyond lets manufacturers and suppliers create a complete, fully validated ‘passport’ for each product. This contains all relevant and necessary documentary evidence, enabling them to optimize the progress their product onto target markets. Benefits of the solution include operational efficiencies in the supply chain and reductions in cost and time to market.

SGS Beyond incorporates a variety of modules, which can be utilized individually or in combinations, giving operators the flexibility they need to enhance each aspect of their supply chain.

The SGS Beyond modules can include:

  • Mandatory documentation review – SGS ensures your documentation is complete and complies with the mandatory technical documentation requirements enforced in certain markets, e.g. the European Union
  • Client documentation review – SGS experts verify specific technical documents as defined by the client, e.g., tests that prove performance claims or demonstrate compliance with technical specifications concerning packaging or the user’s guide
  • Labeling review – SGS reviews packaging and labeling to ensure conformity to client requirements and those of their target market
  • Protocols – SGS experts ensure products meet mandatory and/or performance requirements through testing and documentary evidence. Covers legislation, test standards and/or labeling requirements. In competitive markets, being able to prove a product conforms to the highest performance standards can make the difference between success and failure

This innovative service is delivered through global hubs and supported by our worldwide network of industry experts and state-of-the-art testing laboratories.


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