SGS Reports on the Importance of Performance Testing in Changing Detergent Markets

SGS, the world’s leading provider of
inspection, verification, testing and certification services, reminds detergent
manufacturers of the importance of performance testing and consumer panels as
consumer choices begin the shift in the marketplace.

Consumers have traditionally been
very loyal to their detergent brand. However, in a trend that is being seen
across all product types, these bonds of loyalty are now slipping. At the same
time, Mordor Intelligence is predicting the detergent market will grow by 4%
annually over the next five years.

Performance testing is important in
this equation because it allows manufacturers to back-up the claims they make
about their products. While consumers have traditionally demanded little more
than safety and cleaning ability from the detergent products they buy, in
recent years they have begun to consider values such as country of origin, peer influence, social media influencers, price
point, brand image, style statement, and packaging preference. In addition to
this, more and more customers want products that are environmentally friendly.

They may also have a preference over detergent
format – powder, liquid or single-dose. Each has their advantages and
disadvantages. A US study conducted in September 2019 found that liquid
detergents are currently the most popular, with 63% of the market.

Brands can differentiate their product in the
market by making claims relating to functionality, usability, durability, or
performance. These might include, for example, antistatic effects, the ability
to remove grease or limescale, stain removal, or product lifespan. Independent
verification of these claims will help the brand gain maximum impact in the
marketplace. This can be achieved by subjecting the detergent product to
high-quality performance tests by a globally recognized, independent service

Performance testing is also the ideal
way for manufacturers of green products to dispel the outdated notion that environmentally
friendly detergents are less effective. By objectively measuring and evaluating
comparative products, performance testing can demonstrate the effectiveness of
green alternatives in comparison to traditional products.

By conducting performance testing in
this way, manufacturers can not only differentiate their products in the
marketplace, but they can also use the data to help them develop better

It is also advantageous for detergent
manufacturers to know what genuine consumers think of their product. Consumer
panels provide direct insights into a variety of questions relating to
detergents, such as buying habits, how consumers rank a product in comparison
to its competitors, and reactions to organoleptic claims (touch, smell, etc.).
The data collected from these ‘naïve’ panels can also be cross-referenced with
the responses from expert panels of industry specialists.

Performance testing and consumer panels
provide brands with unbiased insights into the ability of a product to conform
to consumer requirements. This information is invaluable in helping
manufacturers develop the right products to capitalize in today’s changing
detergent market.

SGS Detergents and Household Care

SGS offers a comprehensive range of
services to help manufacturers of detergents and other household care products
successfully bring their products to global markets. Products include air
fresheners, dishwashing and laundry products, bleaches, and surface and toilet
cleaners. In addition to chemical, physical, microbiological, toxicological,
ecotoxicological and biodegradability testing, they also offer performance
testing, packaging assessment, consultancy services, and can organize panels of
consumers and experts to assess products and validate claims. Learn more
about SGS Detergents
and Household Care Product

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