SGS Summarizes EU Safety Gate 2022 Annual Report

SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, has published a SafeGuardS summarizing the European Union (EU) Safety Gate 2022 Annual Report.

The report shows that toys were once again the most recalled dangerous product in Europe in 2022, with 23% of notifications. This was followed by motor vehicles (16%) and cosmetics (10%). The three most common reasons for recall notification in 2022 were chemical (35%), injury (25%), and choking (14%). In general, the number of alerts has remained fairly static in recent years – 2,142 in 2021 and 2,117 in 2022.

Part of the reason toys are always in the top three most recalled products is that the authorities have traditionally focused on the vulnerability of the end user. Therefore, children and toys are always a prime focus.

SGS has published original SafeGuardS 042.23 to give stakeholders an overview of the findings in the report. It includes a comparison with the statistics from 2021 and a summary of some of the reasons for changing recall trends.

To help stakeholders stay up to date with recalls in Europe, Canada, Australia and the US, SGS also publishes weekly reports on its online Product Recalls platform.

SGS EU Toy Directive Services
SGS offers a wide range of services to ensure that products comply with the EU Toy Safety Directive. They offer training, safety/risk assessment, technical documentation check, labelling review, testing according to harmonized standards, SVHC screening, inspections and audits. They have the world’s largest network of toy experts and testing facilities, including around 29 toy laboratories and certification bodies, including three EU Notified Bodies (France, Germany and Netherlands). In the end, it’s only trusted because it’s tested. Learn more about SGS’s EU Toy Directive Services.

SGS SafeGuardS keep you up to date with the latest news and developments in the consumer goods industry. Read the full EU Safety Gate Publishes 2022 Annual Report SafeGuardS.

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