Ukraine Introduces Restrictions on Lead in Paint and Varnish

introduces restrictions on lead in paint and varnishes that will come into
effect on November 7, 2021.

on May 7, 2021, Resolution No. 432 of April 28, 2021 – ‘Technical Regulation on the restriction of lead in paints, varnishes and
raw materials’ – includes several important provisions. It applies to paints
and raw materials (pigments and pigment concentrates) that are used in the
manufacture of lead-based paints.


  • Restriction
    limit: no more than 90 mg/kg
  • Exemptions
    for paints and raw materials used in:

    1. Restorations
    2. Works
      of art
    3. Objects
      of cultural heritage
  • Exempted
    products must be labelled: ‘НЕБЕЗПЕЧНО: містить
    свинець. Не застосовувати на поверхнях, доступних дітям чи вагітним жінкам!
    (Danger: contains lead. Do not use on surfaces accessible to children or
    pregnant women!)
  • Standards for sample

    1. DSTU
      ISO 15528:2015 (ISO 15528:2013, IDT)
    2. DSTU
      ISO 1513:2014 (ISO 1513:2010, IDT)
    3. DSTU
      ISO 1514:2013 (ISO 1514:2004, IDT)
    4. DTSU
      ISO 3251:2015 (ISO 3251, 2008, IDT)
  • Analytical
    method: ISO 6503:1984 (Flame atomic absorption spectrometry,
  • Requirement that raw
    material suppliers must provide manufacturers with safety data sheets (SDS)

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More information in SGS SafeGuard 063/21.

Paint materials and raw material components must carry
the conformity mark as established under Ukrainian law. If applied to the
product it must be visible, legible and indelible, otherwise it must be affixed
to the packaging and indicated in the accompanying documents.

Stakeholders are advised to now check their products
conform to the latest Ukrainian standards.

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