Understanding the Challenge of the Circular Economy on Food Contact Plastics

the world’s leading testing inspection, and certification company, looks at the
barriers surrounding recycling food contact plastics as Europe moves towards a
circular economy.

and regulators want to see greater sustainability in consumer products,
especially in relation to plastics. The EU creates around 25.8 million tons of
plastic waste annually but of the 30% that is recycled only about 6% is remade
into new products. This is unsustainable. A better system would be to make a
product from plastic, use it, reuse it, remake it, and then recycle it into a
new product – the circular economy. Creating this kind of economy is a central
aim for the EU. The problem for food contact plastics is that the recycling
process is complex and the end products must conform to strict safety

Consumer Compact article looks at the development of a circular economy and the
impact this would have on food contact materials (FCM). It considers the
regulations FCM must conform to and the difficulties this can create in
relation to recycling plastics.

the original Consumer Compact article, ‘Answering the
Problems of a Circular Economy for Food Contact Plastics

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