Understanding Fiber Fragmentation and the Solutions Available to Business

SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, has published a Consumer Compact article looking at the issue of fiber fragmentation and the solutions available businesses that want to manufacture fiberfast clothing and textiles

Microplastics are a major problem in our oceans. The WWF estimate 90% of seabirds now have plastic in their stomachs. A major source of this pollution is fiber fragmentation caused during the laundering of garments and materials.

SGS’s Consumer Compact article looks at the problem from the perspective of the manufacturer or supplier and considers the available options when developing fiberfast products. It looks at testing solutions – both small-scale and full-scale – and the regulatory changes that may impact the industry.

Read the original Consumer Compact article, ‘What is Fiber Fragmentation?

SGS Solution

SGS has been involved in fiber fastness analysis since 2016. With an unrivalled global network of laboratories specializing in testing clothing and textiles, SGS is the first choice for manufacturers and suppliers looking to deliver fiberfast products to market. In the end, it’s only trusted because it’s tested. Learn more about Textile Testing solutions from SGS.

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