US CPSC Establishes a New Safety Standard for Expansion Gates and Enclosures

US Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued a Final Rule that
establishes a new safety standard for expansion gates and enclosures for young

on July 6, 2020, the standard defines:

  • Expansion
    gates – “barrier intended to be erected in an opening, such as a doorway, to
    prevent the passage of young children, but which can be removed by older
    persons who are able to operate the locking mechanism”
  • Expansion
    enclosures – “self-supporting barrier intended to completely surround an area
    or play-space within which a young child may be confined”

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Rule 16 CFR 1239 incorporates the latest version of ASTM F1004-19, Standard
Consumer Safety Specification for Expansion Gates and Expandable Enclosures,
with modifications.

modifications are:

  • Changed
    the “conspicuous” definition in section 3.1.3
  • Added
    “visual side-pressure indicator” and “side pressure” definitions (sections
    3.1.16 and 3.1.17)
  • Added
    section 6.8, performance requirements for visual side-pressure indicators
  • Changed
    section, horizontal push-out test procedure
  • Changed
    Note 11 regarding “address” verbiage in section 8.5
  • Excluded
    section 8.5.3, requirement regarding wall cups or other hardware to meet
    section 6.3.1 requirements
  • Added
    section 8.5.8, warning statement requirements for pressure-mounted gates that
    provide wall cups or other mounting hardware to meet section 6.3 requirements
  • Added
    section 9.5, instructional literature requirements for pressure-mounted gates
    with visual side-pressure indicators
  • Added
    section X1.2.5.4, rationale for visual side-pressure indicators requirement in

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new safety standards for expansion gates and expandable enclosures will come
into effect on July 6, 2021.

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