US Updates Sling Carrier Regulation with CPSC Direct Final Rule

The US Consumer
Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has published a Direct Final Rule (DFR) – 16
CFR 1228 – revising its safety standard for sling carriers.

On January
8, 2020, ASTM International informed the CPSC that it had revised its safety
standard for sling carriers – ASTM F2907-19. The latest version of the standard
includes updated requirements relating to the way sling carriers are marketed
and used. These include:

  • Use of sling carriers for two occupants (not one)
  • Marketing to carry more than the existing test
    weight of 35 lbs

addition to complying with ASTM F2907-19 section 5.7.2, the DFR also requires sling
carriers to comply with section 5.7.3:

labels that are attached to the fabric with seams shall remain in contact with
the fabric around the entire perimeter of the label, when the sling is in all
manufacturer recommended use positions”

F2907-19 defines ‘sling carrier’ as a fabric or sewn fabric product that is
designed to contain up to two children in an upright or reclined position,
while being supported by the caregiver’s torso. Ordinarily, sling carriers are
used from full-term birth to 35 lb (15.9 kg), unless the manufacturer states a
higher weight limit is allowed.

published direct final rule 16 CFR 1228 on April 20, 2020. It will come into
effect on July 6, 2020.

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CPSC Issues a Direct Final Rule for Sling Carriers

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