New Toy Safety Standard Published in Australia and New Zealand

Standards authorities in Australia and New
Zealand have published a new joint standard that specifies the maximum
acceptable limits for the migration of eight elements from toy materials and
components. The standard – AS/NZS ISO 8124.3:2021 – also includes methods for
sampling, extraction and determination.

Published in February 2021, the new
standard supersedes both previous standards – AS/NZS 8124.3:2012 and AS/NZS ISO
8124.3:2012 Amd 1:2016. Its migration values for the eight elements – antimony
(Sb), arsenic (As), barium (Ba), cadmium (Cd), chromium (Cr), lead (Pb), mercury
(Hg) and selenium (Se) – differ depending upon the type of toy material:

  • Toy
    materials other than modeling clay and finger paints
  • Modeling
  • Finger

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To see a full breakdown of the migration
values, see
SafeGuard 032/21.

The new standard contains several changes
from the previous standards. These include:

  • Separating the definitions
    for paper and paperboard:

    1. Paper: sheet formed by irregular intervened
      cellulose fibers with a mass per unit area of 400 g/m² or less. Laminated paper
      or paper with other treatments that may be resistant to wetting are not treated
      as paper
    2. Paperboard: includes card or cardboard materials,
      means sheet formed by irregular intervened cellulose fibers with a mass per
      unit area of more than 400 g/m², excluding pressed fiberboards such as medium
      density fiberboard (MDF), chipboard and materials with similar properties
  • Completely
    new definition for method blank, calibration blank, instrument detection limit
    and calibration check solution
  • Allowing dewaxing
    to be carried out using either soxhlet extractor or solvent extractor – both procedures
    according to ISO 824-6:2018
  • Completely
    new Annex C (informative) on methods for analysis of elements (former Annex C
    has been re-designated as Annex D with modifications in the new standard)

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Stakeholders should be aware the new
standard is identical to ISO 8124-3:2020.

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