New Vehicle Interior Air Quality Standard Developed by Nissan and Renault

A collaboration between original equipment
manufacturers (OEMs) Renault and Nissan has resulted in a new standard for
volatile organic compound (VOC) and formaldehyde testing on materials that are
used in vehicle interiors.

The new standard – RNES-B-20116 – uses a micro-scale
chamber to analyze materials. A small sample is placed in the chamber so that
only the emitting surface is exposed. VOC are then swept into a sorbent-packed
tube in a flow of clean and humidified air (at ambient or elevated
temperature). These tubes are then analyzed using

The standard is one of a number developed by car
manufacturers to check
vehicle interior air quality (VIAQ). Materials used in vehicle interiors –
plastics and polymers, textiles, foams, adhesives, etc. – can release
substances that may be detrimental to human health.

SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification,
testing and certification company, operates several micro-scale chambers as
part of its global network – in France, Germany, India, China, Thailand, and
South Korea.

SGS Automotive Interiors Services

SGS offers a comprehensive range of services to help
car manufacturers ensure their interiors comply with VOC standards, including RNES-B-20116,
ISO12219-3, ISO16000-25, Jaguar TPJLR 52.104 and FCA CS-13398. In addition, SGS
in France can also deliver Renault accredited testing reports in relation to
RNES-B-20116. Learn more about SGS
Automotive Interior Testing Services.


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