SGS helps businesses find solutions for sustainability in plastics

SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, has published a Consumer Compact article looking at the challenges for businesses wishing to achieve sustainability in plastics.

Plastic pollution is now a major issue for society and the planet. Our reliance on plastic has created a global problem, with levels of waste expected to double or even triple by 2060. Therefore, according to a 2022 OECD publication, a “business-as-usual outlook is unsustainable.”

SGS’s Consumer Compact article looks at the challenges surrounding plastic sustainability, the drivers for change and the ways businesses can transition to a more effective and sustainable way of working.  

Read the original Consumer Compact article, ‘Meeting the Challenge of Sustainability in Plastics’.

SGS solution
SGS has a deep understanding of the environmental challenges facing businesses, consumers and the planet. Using a four-pillar approach, their solutions help forward-thinking businesses address environmental concerns. Services include testing, certification and consultancy on eco-design, material selection, recycling and waste management strategies.

With SGS Green Marks, they help businesses demonstrate and promote the sustainability credentials of their products to consumers, gaining commercial advantage in increasingly competitive regulated markets. 

Learn more about SGS Green Marks.

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