SGS helps fashion brands navigate the complexities of supply chain traceability

SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, has published a Consumer Compact article looking at the importance of supply chain traceability to the fashion industry.

Supply chain traceability is more important than ever as governments and regulatory bodies impose ever-stricter regulations and non-financial information disclosure requirements on businesses. At the same time, consumers want to know where their products come from and if they can trust them. This makes traceability not only a legal requirement but also a promotional necessity in competitive markets.

SGS’s Consumer Compact article looks at the issues surrounding traceability in the fashion industry and considers how businesses can improve oversight in often long, international supply chains. It looks at the advantages and considers the potential solutions.

Read the original Consumer Compact article, ‘Why Fashion Companies Need Traceability in Their Supply Chains’.

SGS solution
SGS offers a comprehensive range of traceability solutions to help the fashion industry achieve its traceability goals. Its solutions include help setting up programs, training management, a digital platform, order reviews and on-site facility inspections. These can be combines and customized to meet the demands of the brand or retailer. In the end, it’s trusted because it’s tested.

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