SGS Summarizes EU Commission Note on Magnetic Gadgets

SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, has published SafeGuardS 022.24 to provide stakeholders with an overview of the European Union (EU) Commission’s recent note on small magnetic balls and magnetic building kits.

A project by the coordinated EU surveillance authorities into the safety of small magnetic balls and magnetic building kits found there was a problem over classification. In some cases, these products were being marketed to adults only and therefore not necessarily conforming to toy safety requirements. However, in 2012 it was agreed they should be classified as toys, even if they were intended for use by adults.

Strong magnets are a risk to children if more than one is swallowed, or a magnet and a piece of metal is swallowed. This is because they will be attracted to one another inside the child and can cause intestinal obstruction and perforation.

The surveillance project also noted that the specified test method, EN-71-1, may need revision. The problem with the test method related to only one magnet being tested, but different balls can have a different magnetic flux index. The reason for this could be a difference in the thickness of the applied coating. The specified test method does not, however, currently require the measuring of the magnetic flux index in cases where more magnets are provided in a set. Surveillance authorities have therefore suggested improving EN 71-1.

SGS publishes SafeGuardS to keep stakeholders informed about regulatory and market changes that may impact their business. SafeGuardS 022.24 covers the note issued by the EU Commission relating to small magnetic balls and magnetic build kits, which reminds stakeholders that these items are classified as toys, regardless of who they are marketed at. They must therefore adhere to relevant toy safety requirements or risk immediate action by surveillance authorities.  

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SGS SafeGuardS keep you up to date with the latest news and developments in the consumer goods industry. Read the full EU Commission publishes note regarding magnetic gadgets SafeGuardS.

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