Europe Introduces New Standards for Outdoor Candles

SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, is reminding manufacturers of outdoor candles that the European Union (EU) has introduced two new safety standards.

Published in December 2021, the two standards – EN 17616 and EN 17617 – cover fire safety and safety information for outdoor candles.

The definition for outdoor candle in these standards covers a variety of candle types, including:

  • Container candle
  • Floating candle
  • Grave lights
  • Freestanding candle
  • Garden torch

Outdoor candles must comply with a variety of requirements and provide suitable safety information to reduce the possibility of a fire risk, death or injury caused by unsafe candles and/or misuse.

To read an overview of test requirements for each candle type, read SGS’s original SafeGuard 015/22.

Stakeholders are also reminded that supplementary safety information symbols or texts must be positioned in close proximity to the general warning sign, either below or right beside.

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